Free E-Books – Business/Personal

Below you will find a brilliant collection of Motivational / Business and some other free e-books that you can read or download.

We all need some guidance in life. The more we read and learn, the more we discover ways to grow ourselves and just add value to who we are, or going to be.

I will be adding more free e-books weekly. So stay tuned, stay informed!

– Marius van Staden –


  1. As A Man Thinketh
  2. affirmations-one-chapter
  3. mind-your-mind
  4. Peace One – Chapter
  5. 5-laws
  6. 7-tips
  7. Discovering Your Life Purpose
  8. Focus
  9. The Art And Science Of Personal Magnetism
  10. 7 Psycho Secrets
  11. 365 Success
  12. Be Happy
  13. Change Your Destiny
  14. Lifestyle Entrepreneur
  15. Why People Fail
  16. Goals Magic

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