Retain Talented Employees by Valuing the Contract


Employer and employee relations have always been based on some form of contract. Today there are two elements to a contract; the legal and the psychological.  The legal is the hard and transparent contract that we receive when we are employed.  It contains your offer of the job together with your terms and conditions – the hours you will work and the amount that you will be paid.  Just as important to us though is the psychological contract.  This starts with that warm feeling that we had when we decided to work for this organisation.  Over time, whilst the legal contract changes little, the psychological contract can change massively

It is in this area of psychological contract, that the opportunity for The Journey Ahead is most potent.

As a workers continues in their role, their job is likely to evolve. Their wants, needs and expectations from that role may also change.  It may be worth re-visiting with your employee what they want from their role and how best you, as their employer can help to make this happen.  If you neglect this, you risk losing your best employees.  The psychological contract can become damaged and your older worker might reach the stage when they are more than ready to ‘divorce’ the company without any discussion with you whatsoever.  By keeping in tune with what’s going on you can have a significant impact and prevent potential backlash later on.




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