5 (FIVE) Top Tips when Hiring ——

TIP 1 – Know what you want before you start the recruitment process

Hire for experience and specialist skills; someone too junior requiring lots of training can be a very costly exercise, even though it may seem the cheaper option.  On the flip-side, someone totally overqualified may seem like a good idea, especially in the current economic climate, but will only cause you retention issues as you struggle to keep them challenged enough, what happens when the job market changes?  It is important to really know what skills you need, and avoid trying to hire one person for two different jobs, if you need Administrator who will be able to make cold-calls, you will rarely find these skills in the same person.


TIP 2 – Hire for adaptability and willingness to learn

Use interview skills and testing to see how candidates cope with changing environments.  What your company looks like now will most likely be very different to what the company will  look like in 3-5 years time.  A candidate who can adapt to changing circumstances in the business is most likely to thrive and grow with you.  They will feel challenged and you secure a long term employee.  New ideas and innovation can and will come from within your internal talent pool.  In addition, hunger to learn is a very important trait to look for.  A brilliant candidate who is trainable and responds to coaching, mentoring and upskilling is equally as important.  Most skills can be learnt, so finding candidates who are willing to learn is key to future success of your business.


TIP 3 – Hire for a positive approach to work – Attitude, Attitude, Attitude!!

Leading companies will never settle for candidates who just see the opportunity as a job.  They are looking for people who are constantly striving to improve their own performance and the performance of the company.  They are people who see the overall picture, they see the role as being bigger than themselves.  A positive approach to work is high on the criteria of many leading employers. At Google they look to hire smart and innovative people who fit well with company culture, but most importantly they look to hire candidates that want to make an impact.  Someone both motivated to deliver results, as well as demonstrating  total confidence in their ability to deliver the results is more likely to get hired.


TIP 4 – Hire for Leadership Skills

Whether you are hiring at a senior or junior level, it is a valuable skill to look for.  It is all about the candidates potential to become a leader.  They need to understand what needs to be done, and then influence and motivate others to achieve results, no matter what level of the company they start at.  Ability to manage both people and tasks is critical.  Many companies are now creating an internal talent pool of future leaders.  Promoting from within increass morale and retention.  Learn about leadership skills through the interview process and look for this potential at the recruitment stage.


TIP 5 – Look for a demonstrated ability to Network

The depth and diversity of the candidates networks can play an important part in the hiring process.  A candidate who is able to network and willing to network is a vitally important skill in any business related role, even more so in leadership roles and sales or marketing.  A candidate that would instantly be able to bring in new contacts, new customers and increase sales through their network can be a serious consideration for leading companies.  A demonstrated ability to network both online and offline can often be the deciding factor between two brilliant candidates.

Whether you are in HR, a hiring manager or a jobseeker, I hope you found this blog useful and I would love to hear your comments.


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