Job Interview Success – What Employers Want From Candidates

Job Interview Success – What Employers Want From Candidates

If we think about it, job interviews are really strange. The employer is making a major investment decision, often on the basis of a few hours interaction with candidates.

As the candidate, you want to go into the interview giving yourself the best chance of success and key to that is knowing what employers want. So what is it employers want from candidates in job interviews?

Evidence That You Have Prepared

    You can learn an awful lot, both positive and negative, by the way a candidate prepares for an interview. Employers will want to know that you have done your homework. How they test this is by asking you what you know about the company, the industry or sector.

Clarity About The Contribution You Can Make

    Other than for the most basic level jobs, employers will want to know what you will contribute if appointed. It could be skills, attributes, experience or knowledge. What ever it is, you need to be able to articulate your contribution.

Transferable Skills

    You might be doing a brilliant job where you are at the moment but if you have been in your current post for a period of time, employers will want re-assurance that your skills are transferable.


    Let’s face it, if you cannot get yourself enthused about the interview you are unlikely to create the right impression. Enthusiasm demonstrates to a potential employer that this job really interests you.

Confidence That You Will Fit In

    In 99.9% of cases you are going to be joining a team that already exists. As you progress to more senior levels the extent to which you are going to fit in to an existing team becomes hugely important.

Adaptability And Flexibility

      Just about every sector needs people who can adapt and be flexible. Change might not be something you get enthusiastic about but it is part and parcel of successful organisations these days.

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