7 Keys To Getting Unstuck And Getting Ahead In Your Career

As a highly qualified and highly capable professional, you know that you are good at what you do. Over the years I have seen many great professionals getting stuck in their quest to climb the career ladder.

So what can you do to get yourself unstuck and to get ahead in your career?

Key 1: Know Your Personal Strengths

Just like any expert or successful person in any field, you need to play to your strengths. Before you can play to your strengths you need to know what they are.

Key 2: Present What You Have To Offer Effectively

So often I see people with a CV that does nothing to entice a potential employer. Remember that, as you climb the career ladder, the number of opportunities decline so what you have to offer needs to catch the eye and stand out.

Key 3: Be Willing To Operate Outside The Boundaries Of Your Job Description

Your job description is a framework or a list of general things expected from you. If you just stick within the boundaries of your job description you are unlikely to ever grow or develop.

Key 4: Know What The End Game Is

For some it will be a top job in their profession; for others it will just be having some influence. You need to be clear where you are heading in your career in the long term.

Key 5: Get A Reputation For Reliability

There is only one thing worse than not volunteering and that is offering to do something and then not delivering.

Key 6: Find Out Who The Key Decision Makers And Influencers Are

They are the people who can make things happen for you in your organisation if you show them what you can do.

Key 7: Don’t Be Afraid To Speak Up

People can worry about speaking up because when the subject is not their area of expertise. Occasionally the most obvious questions can really move things forward as sometimes those with the expertise are too close to the issue.


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