“HOT Job” – Marine Supervisor (Turkmenistan)


CA Oil & Gas Middle East is looking for a MARINE SUPERVISOR for a Large Oil & Gas Company in Middle East.

A fantastic opportunity for a dynamic Marine Supervisor or Master Mariner.


Job Purpose

To ensure that all marine related activities undertaken by the company are managed in a proper, safe, efficient and effective manner in line with stated company policy and procedures and, in compliance with applicable regulations.


Job Dimensions



Key Result Areas

  • Recommend and implement changes in operating standards and equipment based on new legislation, equipment availability, obsolescence and other external factors to promote overall efficiency and safety.
  • Participate in evaluation of equipment and resources required to fully meet the present and future requirements of the company’s offshore activities and to ensure that such equipment is “fit for purpose” and offers best value to the company.
  • Providing guidance and assistance to ensure that effective controls are implemented and maintained at the ship shore interface and that cargo loading operations at crude export terminal are conducted safely and in accordance with accepted international standards.
  • Monitor and control budget expenditure, investigating key variances implementing any corrective action required to avoid deviation or exceeding agreed budget limit.
  • Monitor performance of third party contractors to ensure compliance with terms and conditions of service contracts to the benefit of the company.


Operating Environment, Framework and Boundaries

  • Primarily, all areas of company offshore field activities, which have direct marine participation or involvement, within port area, offshore fields and export terminal.
  • Current daily operation of 6 vessels, floating workshop & storage pontoon plus Ufra base.
  • Contract holder for total of 4 vessels on charter.
  • Any other area, at request of other departments, where assistance or knowledge can assist in progressing and completing of scheduled work plan.
  • Emergency response as directed by the Incident Command team.


Communications and Working Relationships

  • Repeated negotiations and discussions with Turkmen Maritime Lines resolving any disputes over port charges and gathering information on availability of equipment and resources.
  • Negotiations and discussions with classification society surveyors to ensure minimal delays to vessel operational availability and to agree framework for progressing repair and reactivation programmes.
  • Responding to requests for information, technical review/ input from projects personnel, attending warranty surveyors, contractors with marine services as part of operation.
  • Maintaining and developing good, open dialogue to promote effective day to day working relationship with Marine services contractor infield long term.
  • Develop similar rapport with other marine service companies operating in the Caspian.
  • On-going, daily direct communications with all field personnel in particular supervisors, port engineer, senior MNF supervisors and vessels Captains and crews.


Problem Solving / Complexity

  • Attempting to maintain vessels in operational status after years of poor maintenance, few spares, no new equipment and without adequate financial commitment.
  • Reacting to, and meeting, the ever changing demands placed on the marine resources by variances in the offshore drilling and production operations whilst constrained by resources to hand and immediately available.
  • Overcoming the difficulties of utilising a workforce dominated by a historical work ethic at odds with the attitude and approach of western companies and, which has not been treated or integrated as equally as other company personnel/departments. Remoteness and separation of Ufra base from Hazar office and port;


Decision Making Authority and Responsibility

  • Line supervisor for all marine operations and MNF vessels & personnel, in liaison with logistics supervisor for vessel schedules.
  • Line supervisor for marine budget control, no expenditure authority.


Knowledge, Skills and Experience

  • Holder of Class 1 (Master Mariner) Certificate of Competency, served as senior officer for minimum period of at least 3 years (preferably with Petroleum Dangerous Cargo Endorsement).
  • Minimum 3 years experience of offshore marine services and tanker operations/practices.
  • Experience of Quality Assurance Systems, Emergency Response and Oil Spill Response.
  • Computer literate
  • Good communication and inter personal skills




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