How Dreaming Can Help You Succeed

The subconscious mind is a source of unbelievable power.

Every time you get a flash of inspiration, the right idea coming to you at the exact right time, is because your subconscious has been working behind the scenes on your problem and when the time is right, present you with a solution.

When sleeping it works best

I cannot tell you how many times I have woken up in the middle of the night with a great idea.
I always sleep with a notebook beside me so that I can capture these ideas and not forget them.

Some of my most popular posts have been written because I dreamed it.

How to make your subconscious work on the right things

Focusing your mind on a goal is key. The subconscious mind works on one task, your most important task, always. It determines what you think is most important by listening to your thoughts.  The things you think about most, with the most feeling, are obviously the most important things for you, so your subconscious goes to work.

Goal Setting

By setting goals and plans in writing you help yourself crystallize a picture of what you want, by reading these goals every morning and evening you imprint them in your mind and when you start thinking about them continuously, which is the result, you activate the subconscious mind.

How do you know what you think about?

Dreaming is the result of what you keep in your mind, it is a window into your subconscious and it lets your subconscious mind work without your conscious mind getting in the way.

If you find that you are dreaming of things completely unrelated to your goals, which is usual, you might need to do something in order to increase your focus on your goals.

Take some time to set your goals in writing and imagine the future you are dreaming about.

My two favorite techniques for getting goals into the subconscious mind

1. Goal Setting
Write down your goals in the positive, present tense, as if you have already completed them and add the deadline you have set.

For example: “I have 12 million dollars in the bank by the 31 of August 2014.”

2. Visualizing before I sleep – which is why I wake up so often
Before I go to sleep I chose my most pressing goal and write it down on a piece of paper, using the method above. I’ll sit completely quiet and just visualize that goal for 30 seconds – 2 minutes.
I then put it out of my mind and go to sleep.

When you program your mind in this fashion it shoves the goal into your subconscious and lets it know that this is the most important thing for it to work on right now.


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