What it takes to be successful..

Want to be successful in the recruiting business? Listen to the attached video of Chris Gardner.

Mr. Gardner is not a recruiter. He is a stockbroker, motivational speaker, and author of the best seller, The Pursuit of Happyness. Gardner’s life story later became afilm starring Will Smith. His story is remarkable. Chris Gardner was once homeless, but that didn’t stop him from chasing his dreams. He eventually became a multi-millionaire relying on several key things to get him to that level including the following.

Belief in Himself. Most people facing Gardner’s challenges probably would’ve given up, given the long odds he faced in his dream to become a stockbroker. He says that most of the brokerage houses wanted only people who had MBA degrees. Gardner never even went to college. He didn’t take “no” for an answer, however. All he wanted was a shot, and when he got it, he made the best of it.

Did Not Let Rejection Get in the Way. In pursuit of the American dream, Gardner often heard the word, “no” quite often, but that didn’t stop him. He made more cold calls than most brokers, and didn’t stop.

Did not make excuses. Gardner could’ve easily played the race card when most firms wouldn’t hire him, but he didn’t accept that as a reason to give up. Gardner understood that he had no business contacts, and no education, but his sheer determination was what he used to overcome these shortcomings.

He was persistent. This broker didn’t take no for an answer. He even had to go to jail because he couldn’t pay for parking tickets that he piled up while he was trying to learn everything he could from people who were already successful in the business where wanted to be.

He was willing to do whatever necessary even if that meant personal sacrifices. As Gardner says in the video, he was willing to cut lawns, paint, and/or do whatever he needed to do to make a living. He even lost his marriage, and his housing when chasing his dream of becoming a stockbroker, but that didn’t stop him from reaching his goals.

Not many people would be willing to go through the pain that Chris Gardner went through to get what they want, but he is living proof that hard work can pay off. For people who want to be successful in the recruiting business, however, much can be learned from Chris Gardner. Persistence, belief in what you do, and commitment to being the best you can be, are all traits that can help recruiters be successful.


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