5 Tips to Turbo Boost your Sales

Laser beam focus

Get clear on the problems you help solve and the people you solve them for. Tom Peters author of In Search of Excellent said “if your customers don’t have a problem, give them one”. People are more motivated to buy to avoid pain than gain something.

Create “Positioning Statement”

That grabs attention of the prospect should contain the types of people you work with, an emotion and a problem you help fix. i.e. “I help Business Owners who are frustrated with the way the economy has affected sales”.

Develop a strong self belief in your value proposition

Belief influences attitude to take action. If you believed you had a cure for cancer would you tell everyone about it? Yes. Well it is not a cure for cancer but you do solve problems that add value, so go tell people that would care about this and believe in the value you offer.

Do the numbers

The more people you speak to about your offering the more opportunities you will create to make money”. Discipline will avoid disappointment and depression. Get busy, talk to many.

Create Raving Fans

Provide excellent service, exceed what you say you will do, add value and provide an exceptional experience. You will develop strong testimonials and gain referrals. Referrals are the best form of marketing,


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