7 (Seven) Motivational Keys for Career Seekers.

7 Motivational Keys for Job Seekers

It is so vitally important for job-seekers to stay motivated during their job-search. Recruiters and HR professionals are extremely adept at sniffing out those candidates who lack motivation and eliminating them for the candidate pool. Remember that even the most self assured job seeker has to continuously push themselves to stay motivated during this time. No matter how long it takes you to secure your next great career opportunity, every job seeker needs to stay motivated and inspired during this time. If you are about to embark on a job search or career change journey remember these simple tips to stay encouraged when looking for a new job…

#7 Visualize Your Job Search Success.

The best way to boost your job search motivation is by visualization. Hold a fixed picture of your desired job search outcome in your mind’s eye. The more clearly you visualize a positive outcome, the sooner this outcome will occur. It is said that the energy that you put into your job search is what you get back, almost like Karma. Use positive affirmations and visualizations to secure positive job search results.

#6 Don’t Take Job Rejection Personally.

Let’s face it; as much as we’d like to disagree, there is always someone out there who can do a better job than you. While this may sound really negative, it is in fact a drive that motivates us all. Healthy competition is what forces us to get back up, dust ourselves off and try again. Job rejection is a sure way to send you and your motivation packing. The trick to looking for a new job is not to take application rejection personally. Recruiters and employers have a very specific picture in their head about the person they want to hire. It may be something small or relatively significant that deters a recruiter from short listing you. While this may not be pleasant, although this job application may not have worked out, there is one out there with your name on it. Try to get feedback as to why your job application was unsuccessful. By identifying areas of where your application is weak, you are able to work on these areas and improve them for future job applications.

#5 Use Your Job Applications To Keep You Motivated.

Keep a record of each job application you make when looking for a new job. Use this list of leads as a motivator during your job search. By referring back to the leads you have pursued, not only will you be motivated by your effort, but you will also have a comprehensive list to refer to when contacted.

#4 Manage Your Job Search Stress Levels.

Job hunting is not an easy task for any job seeker. Staying motivated during this time is probably the hardest part of the job search process. Stress and motivation is like oil and water; they just don’t mix. In order to maintain any form of drive focus and motivation, you stress levels need to be managed. When trying to maintain a positive outlook when searching for a job, you need to eliminate stress from your vocabulary. By exercising, a healthy diet and a reliable form of stress outlet, you will maintain the motivation required to keep hunting for a great job. Once stress has possessed you, a positive attitude and sustained job search drive is impossible. Eliminate unnecessary stress and as quoted by the book, “don’t sweat the small stuff”.

#3 Follow Up with Recruiters for Further Encouragement.

Once you have applied to a position the one thing sure to squash your job search motivation is wondering about your results. In order to avoid having all focus removed from your job search drive, after five working days from application follow up with the recruiter. Send a courteous and polite e-mail expressing further interest in the job you have applied to. Request constructive feedback regarding the result of your resume submission. Also, suggest a possible date when you would be available to meet the employer for a job interview. By practicing a follow up strategy with all of your job applications, you are guaranteed to maintain your job search motivation.

#2 Set a Time Limit to Your Job Search Sessions.

Stay motivated during your job search by assigning a set time limit in which to process your job searches. It is one thing to leave no stone unturned when looking for a new job, but don’t exhaust all of your resources in one sitting. Set a time limit in which to run job searches during for example an hour or two hours a day to run searches. It is not in quantity of job searches where you will find your dream job, but rather through quality job searches. Stay motivated and avoid job search burn out by running quality job searches during a focused time period.

#1 Schedule a Job Search Time Table.

Let’s face it; the hardest part of the job search process is staying motivated through the process of searching, applying and waiting to hear from the potential employer. Since there is no guarantee on the length of time it will take to find a new job, you need to be prepared to stay motivated! The number one thing you can do this is to schedule a job-search timetable for yourself. By assigning a specific time in which to run your job searches, you will encourage a positive job search attitude. Not only will you have allocated time according to your time management schedule to job hunt, but you will also remain focused on the other factors of your life that will need attention during unemployment.

It is ultimately up to you to stay motivated and positive when entering the job search market. In fact one of my all time favorite quotes is; “Your career altitude is determined by your attitude”. Maintain a positive job search attitude and you will have the stamina to endure any job search process. We hope that you have found this information useful and meaningful to your job search. Make sure you check out all of the great resources here at www.caoilandgasmiddleeast.wordpress.com or www.oil-jobs-recruitment.com and please, take the time to share this with someone who you know is suffering from job loss or extended unemployment.

The Job market is extremely competitive. Keep you head up, stay focused and positive.


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